Welcome to Baseball and America

This just released book will serve to connect new generations to baseball and older generations to nostalgia for the game and its traditions along side of our country’s history. I will be blogging from time to time regarding what I have learned while researching the book and hopefully chatting with you. I’m also searching for stories regarding any baseball traditions that you have shared with family and friends. I feature four such stories in the book and would love to add more.

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  1. Welcome to my blog! Spring training has started and all baseball fans are feeling the optimism that goes with it. In a couple of weeks I will be traveling to Florida for a peek at what might be coming this year in out national pastime. I will post some of my findings and invite you to post your opinions, projections and questions about the coming season,

  2. Spring training has started and all baseball fans are feeling the optimism that comes with it. I will be traveling to Florida in a couple of weeks to gain a sneak preview of some of the teams and will share my observations with you. I invite you to join in with your opinions, projections and questions.

  3. My visit to spring training was as always a special time. We saw a number of teams , in particular NL East teams. The Marlins actually did not look bad. They are very young and will not go far but should be more competitive than last year. The Mets and Nats have great teams. I believe this year’s Mets will be surprisingly strong IF their pitching stays healthy. They have added some bats (Cano, Ramos and possible Rookie of the Year Peter Alfonso) to the best pitching threesome in the division and the number one closer in baseball last year Edward Diaz. They will challenge the Harper less Nats and conceivably pass the Braves who have a very untested pitching staff. What do you think?

  4. Thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

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