Praises for Jim’s Writing

“Jim Halloran effectively captures the stories and personalities that make up our country’s pastime uniquely American. From cover to cover, it’s a grand slam.”

“I’ve worked with a LOT of authors in the past 18 years- this draft is  easily one of the best looking books I have EVER seen, truly wow!”

“Jim Halloran’s new book is great no matter how old or young you are. To borrow a baseball phrase, ‘it touches them all.’ The perfect book for any old school baseball fan or for anyone just learning about the game. It’s also fun if you just like history and not baseball. A great way to bring family together and learn about our American Pastime.”

“Jim has written a well researched and informative rendition of our National Pastime. For the ‘NOW’ generation, don’t miss out about baseball’s historic past; Ruth, Gehrig, Cy Young, Hornsby, the Yankees, Koufax, Bonds and so many more who have left an indelible impression on ‘The Game.’ Learn, enjoy, as it only gets better. “

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